Gutterflower is an album by the Alternative rock band The Goo Goo Dolls, released in 2002 on Warner Bros. Records.

Song informationEdit

"Big Machine"Edit

John Rzeznik refers to this as his "disco song". "I’m really horrible at programming drum machines, but this was like pattern 74 on my drum machine, which said 'disco.' I called all my friends and said, 'Check this out, this is my disco song!'" He describes it as "a propulsive tale of unrequited love".

"Here is Gone"Edit

John Rzeznik wrote this song on the phone while talking to a friend. He asked his friend if he should "take the chords up or take 'em down?" and the friend told him to "take 'em up" and that's how he came up with the chorus and the rest of the song came together shortly thereafter. The buildup to the chorus of the song has been described as "epic" by world renowned song critic Ammar Karimjee and has drawn comparisons to Radiohead's "High and Dry".

According to Rzeznik in 2007, the video for this song cost more to make than the entire Gutterflower album.